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MICHAELA JOY O'SHEA embodies a passion for documenting memories from a lifetime of photojournalism. 

From the beginning, it was capturing every moment of every family road trip, to kids at pony camp, and then hauling around a 35mm to concerts in college. 
But in the end, nothing moved me quite as much as when I photographed my “first wedding” at age 14. 
Sure, I wasn't the the paid photographer, but to this day, the bride tells me the images I took are still her favorite. That was 1998. 
Since then it has taken a studio art degree, a dozen cafe jobs, a wine certification, managing at five award winning restaurants (one of which led me to my wonderful husband Tim) and restaurant event planning for seven years to help me finally realize that witnessing someone profess their love for another still moves me the most. 
So here we are today, and I am so happy...I cherish every relationship we have the privilege of seeing. It's special, so special. I tear up every time, because I adore that raw emotion. Our own wedding brought our friends closer to us as a couple. 

There is something so intimate and so compelling, while expressing your deepest feelings for another human on stage, 
for everyone to see and hear. It's intimidating, life changing and courageous. 
We in believe in savoring these precious memories, and I give a hi-five to marriage! 

In case you were wondering: 
~I am also passionate about how beautiful you are, no really, I really am. 
~For some reason small dogs are always hilarious. 
~Yoga taught me how to breathe, Tim is teaching me self-confidence. 
~I am a vegetarian, no I am not, yes I am...no… ugh. 
~Sunrises are my favorite, but I can't seem to ever catch one. Yawn. 
~I believe a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away. 
~Halloween is my favorite holiday! 
~In the car, I listen to NPR. 
~Travel and you will see. 
~When I try to speak French or Italian, I always have a Spanish accent?  
~The best way to listen to music is live (while dancing). 


TIM O'SHEA ran away at the age of 13, with his Kodak, to photograph Manhattan. 

A gray January day in New York City gave me the opportunity to snap a photo of Battery Park
that started it all. There is something about the lines, the colors, the clouds, the snow, the cold New Yorkers 
pulling their coat collars across their faces to fight off the icy Atlantic breeze; 
it's that moment captured that has the power to take me back every time. 
Over the years that fascination with capturing visceral memories and moments on film (and digital, of course)
has evolved into a calling, a career and a business that I share with my incredible wife. 

My own wedding day went by in a blur of smiles, laughing, crying (the good kind), good friends and loved ones. 
So many memories I wanted to freeze and keep that would take me back. 
Those moments that meant the world to me, because on that day I married my best friend. 
That’s why Michaela and I love what we do, we get to share in those priceless moments with you
while capturing a day you will want to remember forever. Your wedding day will be a happy whirlwind (trust me), 
so you can relax knowing that we’re there documenting your special day. 

Before starting this business with Michaela, I ran some of the top restaurants and wine bars in Denver. 
The combination of operations and hospitality, and the core principles behind it, helped mold the foundation of our company. 
I became a certified sommelier about 10 years ago, and continue to explore our world through wine and photography. 
Studying wine has taught me more about geography, agriculture, and politics than any other class I have ever taken. 
Studying photography has helped me unearth a creative passion I always yearned to express it just took a few years to realize it. 
And all that fluffy stuff Michaela says about weddings, I feel the same way. I even tear up too... shhhhh, don’t tell anyone.

In case you were wondering: 
-Michaela tells me I am a very patient tennis coach.
-Weekly, I get texts from friends asking for wine pairings to their dinner that night.
-I sing in the car when I am driving by myself…. Loudly. No, really loud.  
-Living on the coast again feels like home. 
-I was born in Cork, yup, Irish.  
-Booking travel online is my jam, and I would do it competitively if I could. 
-The love of my life keeps me full of passion for all things creative, and I couldn't do any of this without her. 

photo credit to our great friend and mentor, Michelle Walker Photography

We had our dream wedding in 2014, and get to relive it every time we photograph our clients' weddings. It's the kind of sappy, heartfelt loveliness that comes with a career in wedding photography. We chose the Bay Area for its beauty, and for its opportunity. What we found in addition to that was an incredible population that really cares for, and embraces, quality photography. That motivation and drive makes ALL of the photographers in this area so much better at their craft.

After being a part of over 100 weddings, you start to realize that photography is only one piece of the job, albeit the largest one. We have found ourselves running food to tables, pouring drinks, pinning on the boutonniere, fixing microphones during the ceremony, holding crying babies, and cracking terrible "dad jokes" for nervous grooms. With that said, we also know when to put the camera down and be invisible; as in, when the two of you are finally getting to eat your meal.

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