September 24, 2020

Rachel & Noah // Seaside Engagement Session // Montara Beach, CA

Rachel and Noah came to us through our friends at Andria Leigh Events. Their wedding will be our third time working with Andria, and as soon as Rachel said she was working with Andria, we just knew that she was a kind-hearted soul with lots of style. And she is just that! I mean, look at the incredible dress that she wore for her engagement session.

Rachel is also a nurse––our hearts go out to her, as her work is so paramount in the face of this pandemic. These two, in this current climate of general uncertainty, made the call to reschedule their wedding from this October.

It’s (understandably) a difficult decision to make for couples eagerly awaiting their big day, but ultimately the best thing to do to ensure the safety of your loved ones!

When planning a location for their engagement session, we discussed going up to wine country or heading out somewhere for a little hike, but we ultimately settled on Montara Beach which, Rachel told us, has always held a special place in her heart.

She said that on her days off of school––and now on days off from the demanding role of nursing––the best way for her to unwind and clear her mind was relaxing for hours by the sea. 

Just south of San Francisco, Montara Beach is a quick drive––a day-trip escape from reality to soothe the soul. It was such a perfect place for us to take them to capture some photos.

These two made the celebration complete with, of course, some bubbly. Naturally, we had Rachel shake it up and spill it all over the place and get fun with it, because that’s just what you do with champagne! 

She and Noah are so in love, it really is palpable. We really enjoyed our windy time on the beach with them. Let it be known that this session was held in February, and it was absolutely freezing! They were total troopers, running around barefoot in the coastal breeze.

If only you could see what Tim and I were wearing behind the lens. We’re talking full-on jackets and beanies. Yes, we’re babies…and yes, we’re from Colorado. Maybe not anymore… we are full-blown, cold-sensitive Californians now!

Such a bright and beautiful session with these two––we can’t wait until their big day!

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