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July 3, 2020

Diane & Stuart // City Hall Elopement // San Francisco, CA

Before their unforgettable City Hall wedding day, Diana and Stuart had been together for many years. She’s a San Francisco gal, he hails from Nebraska, and they met in Denver, Colorado. 

She works for Greenpeace and he’s a graphic designer, as well as an amazing musician. Music was their initial attraction to one another and ultimately, music is what brought them back together. 

They had broken up for a little while, at which point Stuart and Diana’s parents decided to take matters into their own hands and get the two back together because they knew that they deserved each other. 

One of their favorite musicians is Neil Young. When Neil announced that he would be playing at the infamous Red Rocks Amphitheater, the hopeful parents jumped at the chance and purchased two tickets. Stuart’s dad called one day and told him, “Hey guess what? I got you two tickets to Neil Young, and they’re great seats!” He then added on, “the only catch is––you have to take Diana…or you don’t get the tickets.” 

You guessed it… Stuart called up Diana after having not spoken with her for almost half a year and, better yet, she agreed to go. It was at the concert that they rekindled their love, and the reconnection led to their engagement shortly after. They decided to get married in San Francisco since Diana grew up there and Stuart was also a big fan of the city.

A favorite detail of the day was the matching blue jean jackets Stuart had brought along for them to sport on their special day, adorned with an amazing graphic on the back reading, “Heart of Gold.” The iconic tune “Heart of Gold” by Neil Young was their favorite song and ultimately is what brought them back together. 

Their love story was an intimate wedding at City Hall in San Francisco, rocking their amazing jean jackets and surrounded by their loving families and close friends. It was simple, sweet, and undeniably special.

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