March 12, 2020

Apartment List // Throwback House Party // January 2019

The Apartment List 2019 Company Party may have been the coolest event of the year. Robin (à la Events by Robin of Southern California) really visualized a unique experience for the staff at this property company to celebrate their annual company gathering. San Francisco events, as you can imagine, are often inherently super unique.

For this particular event, we even did a live turnaround of images––while the party was going on! We had an event page where the guests could login on their phones and download images that were taken within about 30 minutes to an hour of when they actually happened.

This sort of live turnaround is becoming very popular for events, and we’re super happy to be able to offer it to our clients!

Robin really pulled out all the stops on this one. This house party’s theme? Come as you are! With staff members of a range of ages––including those born in the 70s, 80s, and 90s––it was an invitation to celebrate their glory days throughout these iconic decades.

From the hip, disco-like roller rink of one room, to the cd-VHS-neon-arcade game aesthetic of the next, this house party was an epic trip from room to room. There was Pac Man, snap-on bracelets, and best of all––the famous fondue cheese fountain with a pretzel wall from Culinary Eye Catering.

In the classic house party style, there were empty pizza boxes and toilet paper lining the trees outside of the General‘s Residence. Guests could pick up their choice of lacey neon gloves (hello, 80s!) and hot pink fanny packs upon entering.

There was an iconic recreation of the Step Brothers portrait, which was certainly one of our favorite elements.

Perhaps best of all, the team organized a faux police raid to arrest the CEO for partying too loud. Even better, he had no idea! All fake, of course, but it was perfectly staged to make for a really entertaining event. We loved this party so, so much.

 And of course, one of the coolest parts about this party was that we also got to dress up in our 80s garb…Come as you are!

Did someone say, best party ever?

Client | Apartment List

Event Planner | Events by Robin

Photography | Michaela Joy Photography

Catering | Culinary Eye Catering

DJ & Entertainment | More SF

Video Team | Ashley Bee Videography

Rentals | Blueprint Studios

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