June 6, 2019

Sarah & Scott // Lover’s Lane Engagement // San Francisco, California

A New York couple, Scott and Sarah came to us via the East Coast for a dreamy San Francisco Session. They are both originally from the Bay Area but have since relocated to New York. 

We were simply ecstatic when they found us and wanted us to photograph their wedding. We arranged for their engagement session to fall almost exactly a year before their wedding day, to coincide with a planning-trip to their future wedding venue and for them to visit family.

Once upon a time, they lived in the city together. The City of San Francisco that is… (quick aside–If you’re from the Bay Area, San Francisco is “The City”, Oakland is “The Town”. Word to the wise–those hailing from the Bay will never refer to San Francisco as San Fran…it simply isn’t so! San Francisco is either San Francisco, SF, or The City. She’s our city, and boy do we love her. Now that we have that out-of-the-way, let’s chat about these locals’ engagement session. 

Sarah and Scott wanted to capture their love with a view of The City and it’s iconic San Francisco charm. Nothing screams San-Francisco-engagement more than Lover’s Lane––fitting, right?––and the Lyon Street steps with an inimitable view of the SF Bay. We strolled through the towering trees of the Presidio and got to capture these two being perfectly playful and adorable.

We love the way that Sarah and Scott helped to style one another for our session. The two did a formal getup and a sweet date night look––a simple outfit change and quick location swap truly make one photo session feel like a two-for-one! Sarah got her stunning dresses from Rent the Runway, which is a fun online service to be able to affordably rent designer clothing for a few days at a time, without breaking the bank. Would highly recommend it.

It was an admittedly very windy day, which can either harness Beyoncé-fabulousness or make your poor bride-to-be cry from watery eyes and a bird’s nest of hair. Sarah was such a trooper and rocked walking around in heels like nobody’s business. Way to Beyoncé-it-out, girl.

It’s crazy to dodge everyone running up and down the Lyon Street steps when photographing there. We are always amazed at the people who make those steps part of their work out routine. So impressive! I can imagine the reward of reaching the top, as the views are undeniably epic. You can see the gorgeous Palace of Fine Arts, the San Francisco Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge––not to mention the surrounding multi-million dollar properties. They’re a view of their own! 

Needless to say, we had a great time with Scott and Sarah. They’re so cute for each other and we simply can’t wait for their wedding next May at the Olympia Valley Estate

Thank you to:

Scans/processing : Richard Photo Lab

Film : Film Supply Club, Kodak Professional

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